What does RAIN conceal?

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The last days, we took notice of the website from Axis41, a marketing and advertisement agency from Utah, Salt Lake City, where the company RAIN also is seated. Axis41 is responsible for the branding, web design, SEO and SEM concepts and last but not least the product and logo design of RAIN.

In the year 2010, Axis41 received several industry awards for the product design as well as other works. Interestingly, we can also find different product designs on their website and on different design blogs, which differ from the actual product portfolio of RAIN. That the packaging later on differs from the actual product draft is uncommon, but beside of the already available products from RAIN, Axis41 created other product designs for a couple of RAIN products as you can see on the following picture.

Rain Produkt-Designs

Rain product designs (design script for the RAIN website)

At this point the question comes up of whether RAIN already has a full pack of further seed products in their drawer, which they will roll out in the next years. In Germany only RAIN Soul is available right now, in September RAIN Core will be launched in Germany and other countries, which is in the USA and other countries available already. Furthermore it is known to us that RAIN introduced a third product, a milk-shake for weight control to its leaders called RAIN Form.

Considering this development at RAIN International it is not unrealistic that we will hear more exciting news from the seed experts of Salt Lake City in the future. Only like this we can explain the variety of created product designs and brands, which Axis41 created for RAIN International.


Rain Rush – The energy drink from RAIN? (product design from Axis41)

Does the energy drink origin from RAIN?

MonaVie, which supervised Axis as a customer, as well as other companies from this industry, were putting it successfully before. Moreover an energy drink extends the classic target audience and gives the distribution partner new hold for argumentation.


Rain Storm Package

Rain Storm – The seed cure from RAIN? (product design from RAIN)

Another product design lets us speculate on an aimed month dosage in three thirds, similar to already existing food cures.


Rain Soul

Rain Soul – Already available but in a different packaging.

RAIN Soul was the first product from rain RAIN International. Contrary to the product design from Axis, the units per package were set to a monthly ration (30 Soul bags per package).


RAIN Products

RAIN product design from Axis41

All in all the package types makes us speculate on new products as powders (e.g. shakes), energy drinks and/or other juices in tin cans or capsules/pills. In the Internet we found the following product names in connection to the design concepts of RAIN:

  • RAIN Soul (available)
  • RAIN Rush
  • RAIN Pure
  • RAIN Storm
  • RAIN Core (available, on September 2015 also in Germany)
  • RAIN Free-Radical Urine Test Kit

If nothing else, of course it should be considered with all the possible theories and speculations, that RAIN International changed the owner in 2011 and went through an internal restructuring. In the course of this, the former concept of their product line also might have become victim to the red pen.




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